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Ciuni & Panichi has over 40 years of quality service.

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Ciuni & Panichi looks for candidates who can exemplify the characteristics listed below. Ciuni & Panichi strives to exceed client expectations, therefore we look for candidates who surpass their peers in academics, as well as extra-curricular participation.

  • Intellectual Competence
    Can you learn and process new information, analyze new situations, and exercise sound judgment in a timely manner?

  • Leadership Skills
    Are you a motivating and influencing person? Are you able to provide direction so that people look to you for leadership?

  • Team Skills
    Do you have strong interpersonal abilities and are willing to cooperate with others to achieve a common goal?

  • Flexibility
    Are you able to shift priorities, adapt to new working situations and hours?

  • Communication
    Can you effectively articulate your thoughts and ideas and proactively listen to others?

  • Prioritization
    Are you organized? Can you plan and juggle multiple priorities and assignments productively and successfully?

  • Customer Service
    Do you have the skill to develop and maintain high quality customer service?

  • Technical Skills
    Are you able to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge of the technical tools required of the position?

  • Selling and Influencing
    Can you identify and follow-through on opportunities to improve business services or initiatives?

Based on the descriptions of the above characteristics, do you think you would be a fit with Ciuni & Panichi?

For more information contact Human Resources at 216-831-7171 or email us.