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Ciuni & Panichi has over 40 years of quality service.

Auditing & Accounting Services | Review


Our partners are involved and will share their ideas with you.

If your company has assurance needs that don't require an audit, Ciuni & Panichi provides financial statement reviews.  This service is usually provided to smaller, privately-held businesses.

We have developed tailored procedures to perform the type of analytical reviews and inquiries which give us the best insight of your business.  Banks, governmental entities, and other users have come to expect our financial statements to fully comply with the financial reporting guidelines developed for the client’s industry.  Since we use a tailored approach, you can expect our accountants to spend their time on the important areas of your business.  They will not waste time on unimportant areas.

At Ciuni & Panichi, our partners take the time to meet with clients to discuss issues that are important to business owners.  In addition to the timely wrap-up of accounting review engagements, expect our partners to share their ideas on how you can improve your bottom line.

For more information, contact us today. Or, you can connect with any of the individuals highlighted on this page.