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Ciuni & Panichi has over 40 years of quality service.

Career Center | Firm Culture at Cleveland CPA Firm


From the moment new associates walk in the door at our Cleveland CPA Firm, we treat them like family, keeping a healthy perspective about life and work, which fosters a positive work environment.


The culture here at Ciuni & Panichi incorporates a commitment to work/life balance, pursuit of personal and professional development and goals, power of hands-on training, connections through one-on-one mentoring, passion towards community service, and drive to enhance customer satisfaction.

From the moment new associates walk in the door, we treat them like family, keeping a healthy perspective about life and work, which fosters a positive work environment. We want, and expect, our staff members to have time to spend with their family as well as fulfill their role in their community while also ensuring time for themselves. These can be difficult areas to balance, but our mentoring program offers guidance throughout all levels of the organization. Our mentoring program provides insight to newer staff, as well as support to our more experienced employees. Cleveland CPA Firm Ciuni & Panichi’s mentoring program initiates bonds between staff, building trusting relationships that often last a lifetime.

Employee development is a key factor in the maintenance and growth of the firm. Professional growth particularly occurs through the training process, as employees are encouraged to complete new work independently, with help from experienced staff as needed.

Another component of Ciuni & Panichi’s vast culture is an employee’s ability to work with a variety of clients in a broad range of industries. This hands-on experience helps them gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the client and allows them to see firsthand the positive impact their work can have on the client’s business.

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and will competently apply our experience as we innovate within specialized knowledge areas, continuously renewing and growing our knowledge base. We value integrity, initiative, leadership, creativity, hard work, and positive attitudes, and through our culture we work to create enthusiastic, high-energy, loyal, and cohesive employees.

“The culture was different at C&P.  I was impressed with how personable everyone was.”

             - 2014 Full-Time Staff Hire


For more information contact Human Resources at Cleveland CPA Firm 216-831-7171 or email us.