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Management Advisory Services | Fraud Prevention & Detection


Can You Afford to Lose 6% of Your Revenue?

Fraud.  The media has it is in your face every day, but most think it cannot happen in their company.  The truth is it can happen or is happening even in the best managed entities.

The current unprecedented economic times have changed the landscapes of businesses permanently, both positively and negatively.  Staffing has changed and companies are becoming more efficient, however, this provides an opportunity for fraud to occur in some cases. 

A fraud incident can have a major effect on a company including monetary, employee morale, and a damaged reputation to customers, vendors, and banking relationships.

The key is to proactively monitor the risks and red flags in your organization.

Our Internal Controls Checkup uncovers areas for improvement in your organization’s financial recording, reporting, and oversight in order to help prevent asset misappropriation. The Internal Controls Checkup is inexpensive and requires a minimal time investment.

By interviewing your management team and accounting personnel, we pinpoint gaps in internal controls that could leave the door open for fraud.  You receive a concise written report with practical recommendations on how to close these gaps.  Another inherent value realized by organizations conducting our fraud checkup is the increased perception among employees that the company has a zero tolerance policy as it relates to fraud and abuse.

Should fraud be suspected or occur in your organization, we can immediately provide forensic accounting services, including an extensive investigation and organization of the records, interviewing of all parties involved, and tabulating the losses for litigation or insurance purposes.

For more information contact Reggie Novak, CPA, CFE, 216-765-6922 or