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Ciuni & Panichi has over 40 years of quality service.

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Experience first-hand the “real world” of accounting at our Cleveland CPA Firm.

Employees are always there to help.

Every year Cleveland CPA Firm Ciuni & Panichi visits select college campuses in search of outstanding graduates to join our team. New graduates who we hire, quickly find that they become an integral part of the team by working side-by-side with top managers from the very first day on the job. The only limit to a new graduate’s growth is his or her own desire and talent. Every new graduate at Cleveland CPA Firm Ciuni & Panichi has unlimited opportunity for advancement and career satisfaction.

Meet the Accountants Nights

9/5 - OSU

9/14 -KSU

9/18 - CASE

9/18 - JCU

9/19 - Akron

9/19 - Mt. Union

9/20 - CSU

9/26 - Tri-C


Like most other accounting firms, Cleveland CPA Firm Ciuni & Panichi offers an internship program for those accounting students who wish to gain “hands-on” experience before graduation. Participating in an internship is a great opportunity for students to get to know us, for us to get to know them, plus valuable on-the-job training.  Internships allow students to experience first-hand the “real world” of accounting.  As an intern you will be doing much the same work as an entry-level staff accountant and it will provide you the opportunity to determine if public accounting is the right choice for you.

My internship experience has been more than I ever expected.  We not only get to see the field and travel to client sites, but we are doing significant work for each audit that we are on. When I came into Ciuni & Panichi, Inc., I knew we were told that we would be treated as a first year staff accountant, but I never thought we would do some of the tasks we have accomplished. The variety of clients and the ability to work with different staff, managers, and partners has made the experience even better. My internship experience has greatly surpassed my expectations.” 2015 Intern

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